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Tiger Translate London

Mon Aug 18, 2008, 2:24 PM
London Sep 15-25!

Hi Guys,

I will be exhibiting in London Sep 20 as part of the Tiger Translate Global Event. RSVP here…
Anybody around that area??? Drop me a note!

Here's some more pics to the event in Singapore.…


P.S: Sorry for the lack of updates and replies. Been really busy :P

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Hey guys!

I'm open for commissions!

I'll do:

-Tshirt Designs
-Card Art
-Design Illustrations
-Fashion Illustrations
-Art Shows

If there's anything specific juz drop me a note! :D
NOTE: Paid Commissions!

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Hi everyone! Right now we are still sorting through the 700 + entries for Pepper. The response has truly been much better than we could have dreamed and as a result we are also going to include a lot more entries into the books than we originally planned!

Now for an added bonus. We are doing a very VERY special promotion for our Imagine and Imagine Prime Artbooks to help make it more affordable for those of you who haven't yet bought a copy for yourself.

For a limited time only (or while stocks last), we are offering

30% OFF ALL PURCHASES (that's a savings of almost USD$30 for the Imagine1+ Imagine Prime Bundle!)

The discount will show up automatically and all you need to do is to enter the codeword in the shopping cart: PEPPER

*You don't need to have submitted anything to the Pepper Project to enjoy this.

This goes out to all those who could not enter but supported with comments, watching and spreading the word! Thank you all of you!

Visit our store:
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Hi everyone.


Got meself an 24 inch i-mac and ps3. Managed to link them up wireless.  woot~
Busy @ work. Miss playing COD4 with :iconmarcwashere: and :iconukitakumuki: even thou im always
the one getting raped most of the time.

For more WIPS and stuff


Thks for looking. Sorry if i didnt reply for such a long time. My bad.
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Want to be an Imaginary Friend?
Hi everyone!

Imaginary is a studio created by artists for artists. We are looking for people who work hard and play hard, and who have the talent, experience and passion to take things to another level.

Our studio is well structured and open. Collaboration is a critical part of the process.

Everyone has a say and quality always comes first.

This is a not a business. It's a movement.

We now have tremendous opportunities for talented artists to come on board to work on high profile projects in comics, games and major motion pictures.

We are now hiring the following full time positions:

Concept/Production Artists:
Must have outstanding digital illustration capability, and a broad conceptual scope
Knowledge and application of Animation/3D applications a plus
Game/film industry experience preferred
Comic Artists:

Both Line artists and/or Colorists
Ability to deliver realistic art style
Experienced, with published work preferred.

Able to conceptualize ideas for branding.
Outstanding in print media.
Good usage of typo and excellent grasp in typography

All applicants must be based in or willing to relocate to Singapore or Jakarta.

If you think you'd make a good imaginary friend, send your application to

Please include the job title in the email's subject header.

Have a kickass portfolio? Please don't email it to us. Set up an online portfolio and send us the link with your application.

We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
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Hey guys! I've started a blog just to make sure I paint personal stuff daily if not weekly. And some documentation of the life of an struggling artist : P.

Here's da link:

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Hi Guys! First post here. Anywhere, its been quite some time since I started DA. Met loads of talented artist and great frens too. Will make sure to post more works!

CG Overdrive's this week. So if anyone currently in Spore, do drop by (Spore Expo). We'll be selling Tshirts, IPOD skins (hellyea), prints and *cough*new*cough*artbook*coughs

In da meantime (drumroll) check this out:…
Fellow Imaginary Friend :iconsami-b: is da new Witchblade Artist! Much Respect! He's improved a hell lot especially his lines. Well done bro!

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